Cabin rental


Together with Frønningen Skog, we are able to provide a few options for overnight stay here at Frønningen. A Perfect way to get the full experience of the area. Maybe you wanna combine a husky tour, with a hike of Bleia (1717 meter over the sea), or through the deep forests. In the summer we provide a sunset tour, leaving with a dog team in the evening as the sun sets, and temperature drops to more comfortable for the dogs, this tour is good to combine with renting a cabin for overnight stay, and you can choose to take the morning ferry back in the morning. If you are interested, get in touch for more information, and we can help plan your stay.

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The old farm Lyngset is newly refurnished and redone on the inside. Providing comfortable accommodation for 4 persons.


The stable

The old Stable is a simple wilderness cabin. Simple sleeping and a propane stove. No running water or electricity.

The old School

Until 1988 the school here at Frønningen was operating, but was then closed down when only 1 student was left. Now it’s possible to rent a part of it for sleeping. Simple accommodation recommended for bigger groups.