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A big forest in the fjord

Frønningen is a remote village laying between Revsnes, and the entrance to Aurlandsfjord, and belonging to Lærdal district. From the fjord the terrain rises steeply, up to the forest plateau at 400-500 meters above the fjord. The forrest has given life to Frønningen in generations. From the late 1500 multiple water driven sawmills was built up, and up towards 100 people once lived and worked here with forestry and farming. But traces here go much further back than this. One building has been dated to just after the Black Death, and is currently being restored. Old finds show that people lived here in the stone age and the viking age.

In more modern times the work in the forest has not been as profitable, and the income have moved from the forest itself, to the animals within it. Vilhelm Rumohr, the owner of Frønningen, offers deer hunting to guests visiting this secluded gem in the fjord.

In the summer the ferry passes Frønningen several times a day. While in winter it only has 3 arrivals. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Offering two trips per day, so its possible to go back and fourth for a day visit. Today there is 9 people living year around at Frønningen.

The newly refurnished farm Lyngsete at 460 MOH.

The newly refurnished farm Lyngsete at 460 MOH.

Cabin rental

Vilhelm has kept several of his buildings and houses well maintained, and has cabins for rent to visitors. You can enjoy the view of the fjord, or look the quiet of the forest. Read more about the history of Frønningen, and the cabins you can rent at the separate website;