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World-Class Sleddog Kennel located in Sogndal, Norway

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Our unique location was carefully selected to allow for us to use the most amazing routes to maximize your outdoor experience in a fun & safe way.

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''It was an amazing experience for both my 2 year old daugther and I. The guide was really nice and we learned a lot about the area and the dogs. We both enjoyed it and I highly recommend it for families.'' -flemmingwulffh (TripAdvisor)

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Our wide-open landscape helps you to let go of everything go and refresh your mind. The clean fresh air will make you feel reborn.


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Fjordhusky is the future of eye-catching tourism. Giving children and all kind of people an unforgettable experience is what we do best. Our passion is to make people happier and helping them get out into nature. Aided by our incredible sleddogs, we are a growing company with the goal to make as many people see the beauty of the mountains around Sogndal as possible.

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Meet the dogs

All our Dogs are Alaskan Huskies. These are the fastest moving land animals over Distance on the planet. During a Long-Distance Sleddog Race, they can traverse an average of 200Km of Wilderness every 24 hours for up to 8 days in a row! Each dog has a name and a unique personality. They are all our best friends!

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Kenzo Dijksterhuis

Owner & Chief Guide

Kenzo has been driving dogs since he was 19. Coming up to Norway from the Netherlands, he started as a handler for Iditarod Champion Robert Sorlie, Norway’s most succesful Long-Distance Musher. He learned how to handle, train and race dogs from the best of the best. Kenzo competed in several races across Norway and Sweden, always finishing in the Top 10. After that Kenzo spent 7 years working in 8 different sleddog tourism kennels all across Scandinavia, for the main part high up in Arctic Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Lapland. The goal was to learn as much as possible, and see as many different dogs and places as possible. Kenzo´s love for the dogs goes hand in hand with his love for Nature, the Seasons and the Outdoors.

Hedda Holtet

Dogyard Manager - Guide

Hedda started driving dogs in 2017, when she got the offer to help out a local sleddog musher for what should have been two days a week. Two days a week quickly became every day of the week, which culminated in participating in Middle-Distance Sleddog Races, and her own sleddog team, which she takes care of together with her family. Hedda is originally from Flisa, a little flat place in the East of Norway. She moved to Sogndal to study and was looking for the nearest dogyard, which was Fjordhusky. Whenever Hedda is not spending her entire day in the dogyard, she often uses her time for outdoor activities such as skiing and climbing.

Ørjan Overrein Køhl

Arctic Nature Guide

Arriving in Sogndal around the same time as Fjordhusky got started, Ørjan was the first guide to work with Fjordhusky. Ørjan has an abundance of experience guiding expeditions on ski’s, in the cold wasteland of the Svalbard Archipelago. Originally from Trondheim, Whenever Ørjan is not driving the dogs, he’s off skiing in one of the many breathtaking mountain ranges in the Sogndal area. In summertime, Ørjan can be found doing outdoor activities such as climbing, kayaking and hiking. There are very few guides out there as qualified and as able to provide a safe, professional tour as Ørjan.


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